First Amendment Alliance

The IRS is proposing a rule that would redefine electioneering to include all discussion about politicians and how they vote, which could prevent organizations from informing voters or supporting or opposing legislation. The principal beneficiaries of the proposed rule are incumbent politicians who prefer that their voting records are not exposed to public scrutiny. The protections congress placed for nonprofits expire October 1st, 2016.

The IRS Nonprofit Muzzle Rule would harm freedom of religion, of speech, of the press, of assembly, and of petitioning. It is an all-out attack on civil society in America, to protect politicians and the IRS.

Join the First Amendment Alliance and demand a prohibition on the IRS Nonprofit Muzzle Rule!

Audit the IRS

Many Americans believe the IRS should be subject to an independent audit. We agree. The Tax Revolution Institute is taking a whole new approach to shedding light on the Internal Revenue Service by conducting the first-ever independent audit of the IRS.

The audit will examine several areas of the IRS, including the Service’s treatment of individual taxpayers and small businesses, handling of its finances, expectations of IRS employees, work culture, advice given to taxpayers, and IRS policies and enforcement.

Ensuring the accountability and transparency of the federal revenue-collection agency is the first step toward achieving justice and integrity in the tax system. Help us audit the people who audit you. Learn more at


Your contribution will help expose injustices in our tax system. Partner with TRI as we develop solutions to replace the broken tax code.


Join the Revolution! Be the first to receive exclusive reports and learn how you can help keep our tax system accountable.


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